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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Steven Leeds Talks About The Symptoms of GERD

Is It Heartburn or Something More Serious?​

WFAA-TV (Good Morning Texas)​​​



​May 13, 2014 – Most of us have heartburn once in a while. But if you are suffering daily, and there are a couple more symptoms you may be worried about, truth is, those can be the signs of something more serious.  Dr. Steven Leeds with Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas appeared on GMT to talk about the signs of GERD.

In this short video Dr. Leeds discusses the symptoms of GERD vs. the symptoms of heartburn, when to seek treatment, and treatment options that are available.  He also talked about lifestyle modification, things to avoid and things that can be done for immediate relief.

Symptoms of GERD Include:​

  1. Heartburn: Burning in the chest

  2. Reflux: Sensation of stuff coming up in the throat late at night

  3. Disphagia: Hard time swallowing


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