About Us

When patients are referred to Baylor Scott & White Center for Advanced Surgery, they are welcomed by an entire team that will be intimately involved in their healthcare. Marissa and Valeria interact with patients regularly to ensure that all questions are answered and to help patients understand why in some cases a comprehensive preoperative workup is needed. Brittany is a vital component to the team both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. She will be there to help explain any potential surgeries preoperatively, participate in patient care in the immediate post-operative period, and be available to answer any questions that patients might have once they are discharged from the hospital. Drs. Leeds, Ward, and Davis are all fellowship trained board-certified surgeons who are committed to providing excellent patient care. Their philosophy of care is to get patients back to a quality of life that is better than when they first meet them.


Our group has an extensive history in using emerging technologies to offer patients the best and least invasive treatment options. In addition, we have extensive experience in procedure and instrument development.



  • Active clinical and basic science research program
  • Participation in national and international multi-institutional research efforts
  • Internal quality assessment and improvement
  • Publications

 -- More than 15 book chapters in leading surgical textbooks across a number of disciplines

-- More than 70 first or senior author peer-reviewed publications

-- Multiple presentations at surgical meetings each year.


Active Participation in the Medical Community

Our surgeons hold leadership roles at multiple Baylor Hospitals in the Dallas- Fort Worth Area as well as in regional and national specialty societies.



We work extensively with general surgery residents and medical students at BSW Center for Advanced Surgery. In addition, our surgeons are instructors for the Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation procedure and PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) and travel regularly to share their knowledge with these procedures.